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Phase 1 of the Roadmap: Let's Party! 

- Wood-fired Pizza Headz coming to you fresh on the Solana blockchain with over 150 different traits!


- Our first cook-off! Exciting Pizza Headz competition with prizes and community giveaways. Some giveaways may be inspired by the community!



- Everything is better when the community is involved. That's why a percentage of royalties from secondary sales will go to Pizza Headz members. 


- Did someone say a YEAR SUPPLY OF PIZZA? 


- We love the smell of food in the kitchen…Let's get to Baking those NFTs! When Staking goes live, it will add a multiplier to your royalty rewards. 


- IRL Pizza Parties 


- If we're going to party, we need to dress like it! Merch exclusively for members

 Invite your friends to the party, but if they don't have their own Pizza Headz NFT, they can grab their own Pizza Headz branded merch


- It wouldn't be a party without music 


The Pizza Headz will have the opportunity to participate in the creative process of making an album that will be released with the largest international licensing company. Once released, Pizza Headz will receive a share of the sync licensing fees indefinitely! 


- No one is going to be left out. That's why the community will help select which charity receives a donation from Pizza Headz 


- ... and plenty more in store!